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STEM Education 4 Children takes this opportunity to pay special tribute to all mothers. We want to say a big thank you to our moms who are engaging their children in meaningful play and learning to build STEM awareness. Our website is paying tribute to all moms on this Mothers’ Day 2020. As a premier website on STEM Education for children parents are our priority. We are very cognizant of the role mothers play in nurturing, caring, teaching and training their children.


Mothering Through a Pandemic

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Undoubtedly, this is one of the most memorable and unprecedented Mothers’ Day of all times. The heroes of our day are battling and staying at the helm despite a pandemic. Motherhood itself is much strain but how do our super heroes manage exhaustion, dealing with tantrum, sibling battles, teenagers’ challenges, quarantine, lock downs, social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, protective gear wearing, homeschooling, stress, fear, anxiety, questions and still find the energy to do laundry, groceries, meals, showers and loving and nurturing during a crisis as this?

When you need a break thanks to lock downs there are no parks to go, no play mates to invite over, no school or extended family members to take the children to; or friends and or grandparents to come over to stay with them. You would do well with some quite time but everyone is home and being the super human you are, all attention is on you. You now play the role of home tutor, school teacher and researcher. Subsequently, you plan and execute flexible schedule to have some order and routine .


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Looking in the mirror,  you see your hair needs to be done but the saloon is closed. You try to get that look so you have to use your skills in fixing your hair. So today we would want to give you a treat breakfast, brunch or dinner but your favorite place is closed. You are such a mental monster. Everything seems like it is falling apart around you however, you have that mental tenacity, will, energy and focus to keep it together in your home. Your family is and has always been your life. You find all the survival skills to pull together and keep it going.


We Salute You

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We salute you today for finding opportunities when others can’t find them. With you there is always a way. You have found new ways and methods to lead, teach, care and nurture. Mothers, have kept your family connected despite social distancing. You are giving your family a reason to thrive. Your home has been converted into a multi-purpose complex building for home- life, school, play and family engagement.


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You  are determined to be a frontline fighter in the battle against COVID-19. There may be casualties but you are super determined to fight. This will you have is always evident since you give and save lives. Cheers to your heart of love. Although at times broken in many pieces you find the will to mend and heal. From your heart pour the flood of unconditional love and forgiveness. Cheers to your mental health and strength. You have held it together and is keeping everything and everyone going. We salute you for your selflessness. Mothers  are givers and you keep on giving every day. Words are inadequate to express sincere gratitude to you. There is no nobler calling to which you could have answered yes than that of motherhood. Thank you.


We Support You


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There is no way you can keep this up without support. Here are some ways you can be supported:

1. Stay connected to parenting support groups. These groups provide multiple layers of support for you, resources, advice and information to help you and your family cope through this crisis. Here is a recent post from this website with support for you and your family.

The Facts for Children on the Science of COVID-19


2. Communicate with school so that you are aware how to support your children at home. Make use of free resources available to support your children and make informed decision if you need to purchase resources to aid in your child’s development. Here are some valuable resources to support your children while at home:

The Best Free Games Online to Play for STEM Learning

How to use LEGO to Build STEM Awareness

LEGO Interactive Bricks and Math Learning

Building Children’s STEM Awareness Through Coding

Know the Facts About Choosing Educational Toys for Children


3. Find an activity that helps you to connect with self. It could be reading from your favorite author, reading holy scriptures, mediating or anything that allows you to connect and find self. Deep breathing and exercise are good connectors as well.


4. Keep a journal, writing is a healthy way of expressing your feelings, setting goals and remain optimistic.

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5. Enjoy favorite family pastimes. These are moments to cherish and savor. Here are some activities you can engage in.

The Best Parenting Resources for STEM Learning

The Facts on STEM Education for Preschoolers


6. Eat well and get adequate sleep so that you keep your body at optimum during this crisis.


7. Ensure there is a schedule for doing chores. Older children and other adults if at home should assist with chores


Stay Optimistic

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Above all, you have to remain hopeful. This too shall pass. It will make you and family, but not break you. You must be determined to go through and come out stronger, more courageous and take this experience in all sphere of life. Take this energy and diffuse into your home atmosphere. Children feed from your energy so you have to be and continue to be a source of optimism. Continue to flood your home with your rays of sun shine smiles and tender words. Enjoy every moment you share now with your family and children at present. The bonds you form will last a lifetime. Make all effort to be appreciative of all that you have. Let your children be grateful and continue to help them cope. Thank you Moms For being the source of hope.


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Take-A- Ways

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Undoubtedly, this is one of the most memorable and unprecedented Mothers’ Day of all times. We are very cognizant of the role mothers play in nurturing, caring, teaching and training their children. We salute you for your selflessness. Mothers are  givers and you keep on giving every day. Words are inadequate to express sincere gratitude to you. Support is offered to help you keep going to survive and cope. There is no nobler calling to which you could have answered yes than that of motherhood.


This post was written to all mothers from STEM Education 4 Children website. It is our desire that you will feel our appreciation and gratitude to you for your superhero role of motherhood especially at this time. Please feel free to leave your opinions, ideas, comments, and questions relating to this post. I am more than happy to respond to you in a timely manner. I welcome you sharing your experience at home with your family today. Thank you and have a wonderful Mothers’ Day today.

Tracy-Ann Morgan-Smith, PhD, JP

4 Replies to “STEM Moms’ Tribute From STEM Education 4 Children”

  1. Hello there, This is an inspirational article that you have got here. Mothers day is indeed a great day to cheer them up for all the many task they undertake. My mother has done so much for me before and even during the pandemic. Her prayers, calls, and support that never seem to fade away. Although bit has not been easy going through all this she has been a source of inspiration. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Thank you for your contribution. I know how inspiring Moms can be as I think of my own Mom and how she has inspired me . I will never be able to repay her. Hope you took the time out today to let her know this.

  2. Awesome article on stem mom’s… today being mother’s day, all mum have to been shown love for their love that show for their kids…the love of a mother can never be compared to any so there I really recommend that on this special day that you reciprocate the love in a thousand folds…

    1. Thank you for sharing  yes we have to reciprocate the unconditional love of our Moms . I told my Mom today how much her love has carried me and allowed me to be the person I am today.

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