As citizens of the 21st century our lives depend on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The use of smart devices and our mode of communication are driven by technology. In essence, technology is a part of human development and our children are growing up utilizing technology. Digital technology is used to guide children’s engagement with information, navigate ideas and represent their thinking. Our children are digital natives of the 21 century and the internet is the high way of communication.

Parents and families must be aware and be attune with the use of technology which is rapidly advancing. With all the benefits digital technology provides, children’s use of the internet has caused concern since children are at risk utilizing it. Therefore, there is need for supervision and for measures to be put in place to safe guard children when using. This post recommends Qustodio parental control app for parents and families to aid them in putting measures in place to help safe guard children while they are engaged online.

Children Benefit from Digital Technology

Digital mediated technology has been used for many years to aid children in learning. This has resulted in improved reading, spelling, mathematics and science as well as improving cognitive processes such as memory or attention. Technology has shown measures of effectiveness for learning even for children with special needs.

The effectiveness includes (a) support and enhance rich problem-solving environments, (b) improve skill development, thus allowing for more concentration on conceptual understanding.

Technology facilitates the sharing of cultures. Cultures are communicating with each other, learning about each other, interacting day to day, and conveying invaluable information to each other via electromagnetic waves across the air and through outer space. Home-based internet use: Cell phones, e-mail, social-net working sites, webcams and digital cameras have changed the the landscape of distance and remote communication and have revolutionized children’s experiences.

By providing a wide range of technologies in the home learning environment for children, this diversifies their early learning experiences and promotes culturally significant technological practices. Children then will become aware of current and emerging technologies in preparing them to be digitally literate now and in the future.


The Down Side

There is the view that,  an average, children are more technologically knowledgeable than their parents. This in itself poses a risk to children’s security while utilizing technology with the use of the internet. Parents and families must have the awareness and knowledge of use before giving permission to their children to go online. Children must be safe guarded while online.

Risks involved include but not limited to,  cyber bullying, communicating with strangers online who can harm them by sending friendship invites, exposing them to pornography, violence, drugs and criminal activities.

Exposure to violent content is very real therefore parents and families must monitor children’s exposure. Exposure to increase violence disrupts children’s psychosocial well-being and attention.

Too much screen time for young children can be harmful. Parents and families need to develop an agreed schedule for activities so screen time can be balanced with outdoor play activities while at home.

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Recommended Parental Control App

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Qustodio is the leading parental control app for families worldwide. This solution empowers parents to have greater visibility into all of their children’s online activity, including social networks. This revolutionary approach to information provides actionable intelligence for parents, enabling parents to make quick decisions and take control.

There is combine experience and understanding of consumer internet security to address the concerns of parents who want to protect their children to develop and improve Qustodio. We are eager for parents worldwide to have this tool.

Qustodio is already available in six languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. Qustodio can monitor multiple devices and supports all platforms, including: PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Kindle.

Qustodio is a leading solution approved by industry leaders and has been awarded Pc Mags editor’s choice in 2018.


Parental Choice

Children of the 21st century are native digital technology users therefore parents and families must be knowledgeable about current and emerging technology to make the right decisions as they socialize their children for the present and future age.

Parents, there is no getting around the use of technology as one requisite skill to be honed is digital literacy. Our children must be digital literate citizens to function in a STEM society now and in the future.

Digital technology forms part of the strategy used for teaching and learning. This means home and school should offer support for children in the use of technology. Parents and families, the argument is very profound ,technology is here and will stay so how will you safe guard your children?

It is not wise if you chose to ignore or brush this question aside. What is needed is a response in how you will assist your child to use digital technology and ensure supervision and safety while online. I am very optimistic that you will make the right and best decision in safe guarding your child.


Take-A- Ways

Parents and families must be aware and be attune with the use of technology which is rapidly advancing. Digital mediated technology has been used for many years to aid children in learning. With all the benefits digital technology provides, children’s use of the internet has caused concern since children are at risk utilization it. Therefore, there is need for supervision and measures put in place to safe guard them while online. Qustodio, the best  Parental control app is therefore recommended to aid parents and families in providing safety measure while supervising and monitoring children’s use on online.

This post was especially written for parents and families to support children’s development through safe guarding them while online on their quest to digital fluency. I hope after reading you are better able to protect you child and make the best and right decision now to do so. Please feel free to leave your opinions, ideas, comments, and questions relating to this post. I am more than happy to respond to you in a timely manner.

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Tracy-Ann Morgan-Smith, PhD, JP


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